Politics Isn’t Theater – It’s Pro Wrestling


The phrase “politics is theater” is pretty common, especially these days. Our elected leaders spend much more time throwing one-liners back and forth than they do governing, or doing anything that might help working families. And while there is blame to go around for this anti-American behavior, there is no greater perpetrator of criminal hyperbole than the American Right and their corporate puppet masters.

In fact, due to all the curiously well-funded right wing nutters out there, “politics is theater” no longer applies. It’s just too soft a way to describe the nonsense. To characterize it properly, we have to remove the metaphors from the stage, and take them to the pro wrestling arena.

Rick: “[Y]ou gotta look at the the showmanship and go ‘You know – good job. You’ve spent years honing your craft. Now, this isn’t about governing. This isn’t about making lives better. This isn’t about doing any of the things we talk about that need to get done. This isn’t about getting stuff done. This is about […] scoring points.'”

The WWGOP could run a master class in distraction, and while the left has its share of conflict entrepreneurs as well, none are as skilled at deflecting attention from inaction as the modern GOP. Hulk Hogan and Randy “Macho Man” Savage would be proud.

But the problem is, while all of us are watching the show, Americans are dying in massive numbers from a preventable disease, wages have never been lower, and rich people are openly mocking their employees by thanking them for paying for the space rockets workers never wanted and will never ride in.

It’s enough to make people angry for the right reasons, and this is why the rich work so hard to keep shoveling us the wrong ones.

Rick: “[B]ecause that’s basically what our political system has turned into – a Saturday Night Raw.”

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