The Working-Class Heroes Tour – Detroit, MI

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When we say that Baker’s Bar & Lounge in Hamtramck is a dive bar, we say that with affection. It’s a local place for local people, and a perfect place to talk about working-class issues with the people closest to them.

The bartender at Dave’s is also an elected official – the City Clerk. And when our first guest, Congressman Andy Levin walked in to meet us, everyone knew him by name – and he knew theirs. There was an old school, people-centered form of politics going on in the place, and it was the perfect environment to talk about work that makes America the greatest country on earth.

We spoke at length about everything from bad trade deals to wage theft to all the different ways Democrats can, should, and are now embracing the issues important to middle class Americans and their families.

Next, we sat down with Roland Leggett from One Fair Wage. OFW advocates for low wage workers, with a special emphasis on the large number of working Americans that are currently making sub-minimum wages. Sub-minimum wages are typically paid to tipped workers, and can be as low $2-3 per hour.

Tune in to hear our trip to Detroit, what people-centered politics looks like, and to hear about the injustice of sub-minimum wages, tune into our next episode:

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Every day a new town. Every day a new story about America’s working people, their history, and the issues that matter to them most.

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