The Working-Class Heroes Tour – Flint, MI

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The national stories about Flint are all about the negatives, especially about he ongoing water crisis, but the reality is different. There are problems, as there are in any small city, and the water is still a serious concern, but there is so much more going on.

We spent the day at the Flint Farmers Market, where we were joined by Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel for a conversation about what the AG can do for working people, and how her office can help build good lives for her constituents.

We enjoyed a wide-ranging interview about the Payroll Fraud Unit, Jobs Court, and several more ways her office is fighting for working people.

Next, we spoke with State Rep. candidate Jasper Martus. You can listen to the interview yourself, and if you do, you’ll come to the same conclusion that we did: This young man is going to do big things in the state of Michigan, and perhaps beyond.

Here’s the full show:

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Every day a new town. Every day a new story about America’s working people, their history, and the issues that matter to them most.

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