The Working-Class Heroes Tour – Minneapolis, MN

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Our trip to Minneapolis centered around a showing of Greg Palast’s New documentary film “Vigilante: Georgia’s Vote Suppression Hitman.” The film is about Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and his long, and we mean long, history of voter suppression. Some of his tactics have made national news, but the depth of the schemes has mostly escaped scrutiny.

We hosted a showing of the film in Chicago during our visit there, but this time, we were showing the film at Crooner’s Supper Club in Minneapolis, Minnesota ,along with our good friends at radio affiliate AM950 – The Progressive Voice of Minnesota.

The film uncovers some pretty disturbing things about how easily someone’s right to vote can be stolen, and the audience was pretty fired up about what they saw. The panel discussion after exposed a lot of fear and confusion about how this kind of thing could happen, and how easily the same thing could be done to them.

Democracy is on the ballot in November, and if we don’t treat the threat to voting rights with the urgency out requires, it may be the last time we vote in a free and fair election in America.

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