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Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Holocaust Hyperbole

When Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene compared mask mandates to the Holocaust, everyone took notice. Most were stunned that she would ever think of making such a silly connection, but she did, and then she doubled down on it. Brett Pransky, writer, professor, and Executive Producer of The Rick Smith Show took exception to the […]


The “Little Steel” Strike

On this day in labor history, the year was 1937. That was the day the Steel Workers Organizing Committee or SWOC, called a nationwide strike against three of the four ‘Little Steel’ companies, Republic, Inland and Youngstown Sheet & Tube. The drive to organize Little Steel came on the heels of an historic agreement with […]

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Senator Haywood on the Legacy of George Floyd

Pennsylvania State Senator Art Haywood joined us on the anniversary of George Floyd’s death to discuss police reform, common sense gun violence legislation, and how we can get more control over how our friends and neighbors are treated by law enforcement. Watch as the Senator explains what police reform is, and what it isn’t, and […]